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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Long Way to Houston and Back

Because we're friends, I can tell you all that it's really kind of scary to spend a ton of money on these big shows with no idea what the results will be! Oh my goodness what a drive too. It was 2000 miles round trip to drive to Houston and back. Praise the Lord, my cousin Marie agreed to go with me! And the booth was a hit which was wonderful too. I met so many wonderful people and I will share them over the next few days. But today, I'm just going to show you pictures of MY booth.
 I "borrowed" the butterflies from Anna's ceiling and made the paper flowers with this tutorial on Design Sponge.
 Here we are setting up. The one in the beautiful shirt is Jenny Fish! It was so nice of her and my cousin Marie to help me so much.
 This is me on the first day of market. See how I still look fresh?
 The doll corner! Thanks so much to Angie Hofmann for sharing her doll!
 There was a whole wall just for dresses.
 And Emilie's art work (sewing machine) made it to yet another show!
 The Little Traveler's Companion was a big hit!
 Hope you are all doing well! My husband and kids were so happy to get me back home. Especially because Emilie got sick while I was gone and Todd had to miss a couple of days of work. :(

Oh! I've changed my facebook fan page! Check it out: Lilac Lane Patterns.


Lisa Marie said...

I heard Kathie came to see you! She stopped by my meeting with Marlene and Shirley and said your booth looked great. Do we need to chat so I have some updates? :)

Hollie said...

Your booth looks awesome!

Becca said...

I loved your booth at market!

When I stopped by you weren't there, so I missed meeting you. :)

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