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Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Traveler's Companion Bag for Children

I'm putting the finishing touches on my booth plans today. I can't believe market is only 2 weeks from now! My next new pattern is the Little Traveler's Companion. This bag came about because of our long drive to South Dakota this past summer. I wanted a way to pack little goodies for each kid. I also wanted a way for the bag to hold a pillow. But I was a little bit picky about the pillow. I didn't want any rough Velcro or snaps on it. After all, wouldn't that defeat the purpose? I also didn't want the bag to be a pillow because the poor kid would have to dump out all of their things to curl up with it. And I wanted a bag that a child could maneuver and manipulate all by himself.
 So what I'm saying, and what I think you can see is that the bag folds around a pillow (pillowcase instructions included) and then when the pillow is removed, it can easily Velcro shut and be a sweet bag for the child.
 This bag has three outer pockets for toys, candies, and video games! One of the outer pockets is zippered.

 Inside is another zippered pocket, a pocket for notebooks, coloring books and regular books (we like books!) and a crayon or pencil pocket area. The whole thing Velcros flat for easy closing by the child.

Christmas is right around the corner. Don't you know someone who would love this? Save $2 off the price of the paper and e-patterns right now while I am waiting for my supply of patterns to arrive. If you like more of the presale patterns while I'm listing them, I'll add them to your order at no additional shipping while this presale lasts. Wholesale shops, e-mail me your resale license and I'll send you a code for wholesale pricing.



Annelies said...

Is there a code for the $2. the pattern and you are right, a very cute Christmas gift!!!! XXX

Katie said...

THis is such a cool idea - great job designing it!

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