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Monday, July 16, 2012

New Policy for Lilac Lane

For some time now, I've been thinking about how much I love independent businesses. Of course I had one for quite awhile. But also I love places like Etsy and craft fairs and anywhere you can see an entrepreneurial person trying to make a go of it. To that end, I am now making all Lilac Lane patterns available for sellers to create and sell. As long as you work from your home or a small studio and don't mass produce them, ie 50 or less products per pattern. No strings attached. However I would LOVE for you to send me links and pictures so that I can direct people to you if you do decide to sell what you make from my patterns.

If you are teaching a class from my pattern, it still has to be purchased by each participant in the class.

Now for the policy official wording: "(c) 2012 Lilac Lane, LLC. All rights reserved. All Lilac Lane sewing patterns are for personal use or sale of handmade product ONLY by at-home businesses. Manufacturing of ready-to-wear products made from my original designs for commercial use is strictly prohibited. No part of this pattern may be reproduced in print or electronically. This agreement replaces all previous agreements on patterns."

I'll work on getting the wording changed on the patterns. Until then -- happy sewing!



Sally said...

I love this change! Thanks! I am always making things for myself and a lot of times, my friends/family see it and ask about me making more (for sale, etc) and I always feel bad when I tell them that I can't (since I want to be respectful of the pattern writer's intent).

LisaT said...

I dont do many bags and pretty much no clothing at all but that is generous of you so thanks. Incidently, have you been on ebay lately? Many folks are ripping pages out of magazines and selling the patterns that way. Evidently they say it's legal because it is the original pattern and all, I happen to find it a bit strange.

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