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Monday, June 18, 2012

Anna's Room Redo


 Bedding: pink quilt (back of the quilt I made for her), white chenille (antique store), sheets (Pottery Barn dorm from ebay).

 Dresser: decoupage! (instructions here) fabric: Luna by Gail Fountain from Maywood Studios, dresser hardware (salvaged from other projects) Curtains: WalMart

 Antique white magazine (book) rack: ebay

She had so many art projects pinned to her walls. I made her choose four and we framed and hung them.
Anna really needed storage, but I wanted it to be pretty. She is a crafter, loved doll clothes, and has lots of little toys. I bought hat boxes to double as night stands. Top and bottom are Shabby Pink Gardenia from Waverly available on ebay here. Middle is Shabby Chic pink hatbox set from QVC. It comes in a set of three and the other two make her other night stand.

Happy birthday Anna!



beaquilter said...

this is SOOO cute!! my daughter would be jealous!

Jenny said...

what a great redo! happy birthday Anna!

Patty@Granma's said...

Lovely room, lovely girl. Looks like lots of ideas for the next book!

Teresa F. said...

Great redo. Anna has a beautiful new girly room. Happy Birthday

Gill said...

Happy birthday Anna!
She looks really happy with her room!

Christine M said...

Happy birthday Anna. Your room is beautiful.

Goosegirl said...

Hapy Birthday Anna! Your new room is beautiful!

desertskyquilts said...

Quite a change, and it seems to make her happy, too!

creativefashions/thehatboxx said...

Happy Birthday ANNA, your room is gorgeous darling,
just gorgeous!!

Snellwoman said...

Absolutely love the hat boxes as a night stand! Might just need to steal the idea... My bed room is now a combo room: creation station (largest portion of the room)and bedroom. I feel like a kid again and I can show my room to people! <3

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