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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ahh Spring

It's a very big day in Lilac Lane-ville.
 Yes the lilacs are blooming.

 And other signs of spring are everywhere. Despite being early, they are all very welcome.

Thank you all for bearing with me as this little company gets ready for the biggest of shows. It's been a true labor of love, but as I keep telling my husband, things will get back to normal soon!



Needled Mom said...

I LOVE lilacs. Wish they grew easier out here.

Genie said...

Melissa....I have pretty must deserted my Buttons for Baga blog for my photography one so I am trying to touch bases with some of my old friends. I have decided to TRY to put the camera away for my week off from school and start trying to finish up some of my quilting and sewing projects. I can tell from these photos that spring has definitely come to your neighborhood. They are beautiful captures and the skies are heavenly. I really like the bit of bokeh you able to capture. Such a pretty Easter time post. genie

VickiT said...

So pretty. I LOVE Lilacs and tulips. Over the years my tulips have dwindled down to near nothing. I really need to see if I can figure out which of my son's will help their old Momma when they come to visit and dig them up. I know they need to be separated and replanted. :( I miss them too because I planted all different shades of purple. And what is really funny, when I bought this house in 1994 there was ONE tulip that came up the following Spring. Just one. I thought that was very strange but that single tulip still blooms every single year just below my kitchen window.
The entire span of both my lots thrilled me when I first looked at the house because both lots had Lilac bushes from one end to the other, other than across the driveway which is what separates them. One bush is different than the rest of them and are the old fashioned lilacs but all the others look like the picture you posted above. And in the Spring you can smell my lilacs clear down the street because there are so many of them out there. My lots are 50 feet wide so there are approx. 90 feet in length of lilac bushes. Opening the windows in the Spring makes my entire house smell just awesome. I'll have to go take a peek and see if mine are blooming yet. (I honestly haven't been out of my house in about a week. Seriously. LOL)

desertskyquilts said...

I'm jealous over the lilacs. There were lots in South Dakota, but my neighborhood here in TN doesn't seem to have a one. I love them!

Betsy said...

Beautiful pictures for a beautiful season!! My lilac bush is completely void of any flowers this year....grrrr!!! Guess I will have to wander to the neighbors for a sniff!! Have a blessed Easter. xo

McKenna said...

The one thing I sincerely miss living here in Australia are seeing and smelling the Heavenly lilac bushes that welcome spring. So other than missing the mountains, the lilac bushes and the snow, it's all good living in Australia. Thanks for the lovely pictures.


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