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Monday, May 30, 2011

Our New Babies

 Have you ever seen bottle fed calves? Aren't they cute?
 I'm still having issues with Blogger. Now not only can I not comment, I am also having huge problems uploading pictures. I finally put these on a picasa web album and got them here that way. Any help?
Happy Memorial Day!


gill said...

Gorgeous photos Melissa!
I'm a dairy farmer's daughter so I spent the first 30 years of my life rearing calves!!!

shannon said...

i was raised on a beef farm and we had three on time we bottle fed. while one would fed, the other two would suck on it's ears- too cute.

blogger has been glitchy lately. somone mention to uncheck the 'stay signed in' box makes it easier to leave comments. i've had to use picasa before to psot pictures...hopely they will get this worked out soon.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

No idea why you are having trouble...

The calves are adorable!!

Needled Mom said...

Growing up on a farm we always had calves and lambs that we would have to bottle feed. Isn't it fun???

I unchecked my box that asked if I wanted to stay signed in and it worked for me on the commenting, but I, too, went to LiveWriter for updating my pictures and doing my blog the last time. Not too encouraging, is it?

@pril said...

They are adorable. I love baby cows! I love adult cows too. Thanks for sharing.

Katy Cameron said...

Unchecking the 'stay signed in' has worked completely for me, sorry yours is still playing up

Ann Marie said...

i heard if you use windows live writer, you dont have all those problems, i will go there soon, just waiting to get my own computer back up and running first. good luck. those pics are adorable!

Karenkay said...

Your pictures are adorable!

Patty@Granma's said...

Melissa, having read the other blog comments, I went back and unchecked the 'stay signed in', so we'll see if this goes through.
Our kids used to raise bottle calves, fun educational, and oh-so-exhuasting when one gets sick...just like people babies :-D

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