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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What to do with Leftover Flannel

Doesn't he look miserable? He always gets hot ears. When your kids are sick or hurt themselves and need an ice pack, do you find that ice or that blue stuff is a bit too cold? I know it is for us. But if you take your scrap flannel, fold it it half and sew it into a little pillow, you can fill it with corn and freeze it. It gets cold, but not nearly as cold as ice. Now for me, I just go out into the barn and scoop up some corn. But if you don't have that available, I'm pretty sure popcorn or dried beans would work just fine. The idea came from my mother-in-law who made one for us a long time ago. We were in need of more than one yesterday, so I sewed up a couple more. Literally a ten minute project including getting the corn out of the barn. What are you waiting for?

Does anyone have housetraining tips for a puppy? I'm about to lose it over this dog.



Jenny said...

great idea Melissa! he does look pretty miserable...hope he is back in good form shortly!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

OH, your little guy looks sad ;( I hope he feels better soon. I think that idea of making those pillows with flannel and filling them with corn is a great idea!!! Love and hugs from ORegon, Heather :)

Patty@Granma's said...

Poor guy - the only thing worse then being sick is watching your children go through it. And there has been a lot of junk floating around this year!
I've used rice bags for years, but I've always used a double layer of flannel for a little less chill, and it lessens the possibility of a holey mess:)

leigh7911 said...

Look up crate training, if you haven't already. We have three dogs, the third of whom was an accident - she crawled under our fence at about 7 weeks old, mange-y as all get out. Because of the mange, we had to keep her separate from our other two dogs, and as a result ended up crate training her to a T. The other two dogs weren't bad, but she was the easiest to house train by far. To this day, she loves hanging out in her crate.

The 2 Spies said...

Poor baby! He does look miserable! We make these and put rice in them (NOT instant!) I keep a couple in the freezer and a couple in the kitchen cabinet. We made two sizes... square like you have and a longer rectangle for across the back or neck etc. The 2 that are not in the freezer can be put in the micro for a heated pack. BE Careful how hot....

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