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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fa La La La Furniture

It wouldn't be Christmas without a last minute crazy hard project would it? It all started for me about three weeks ago when Anna's preschool teacher told me that Anna KNEW she was getting a makeup table for Christmas.
Me: That would be a Christmas miracle, because she's not.
Teacher: Now Melissa, you have the frilliest, prettiest, girliest girls I know and they would LOVE it.

So I felt guilty about it for a few days and then asked my hubbie who thought it was a FABULOUS idea. Go figure. So then I started looking for a wooden vanity because I was not going to waste my time with a plastic one. And I put all of her Christmas presents away for her birthday in June.

I finally found one, pretty cheap and in good condition, very similar to the one above. (I forgot to take a before picture!) Although in great shape, I knew that wood would not cut it with her. So I painted -- primer plus three coats of furniture paint -- and a coat of polyurethane. This baby had better hold up! Then I took a chair we used to have in our dining room, my husband cut it down a little bit, and I painted and upholstered it. Oh and we added the jewelry boxes which also had to be painted. Aren't those knobs awesome?

She hasn't left her room in three days!!! (just kidding but not too much)

So that Emilie wouldn't be left out, I painted a little desk that was in Anna's room purple and white for her. It's a big hit too. As you can see, she's already stickered all over it.



Needled Mom said...

Great job, Melissa, and I am sure all of the work was worth it when you saw the smile on her face. How sweet to do the purple one too!

Have a wonderful 2011!

Goosegirl said...

Darling little vanities for your sweeties. You did a lovely job and I am sure they just loved them!

Patty@Granma's said...

Oh, this is just darling! I'm a big fan of reuse, refurbish and repurpose, and you did a great job! That sweater IS really something else! But the TIE! Wow, that will be a great addition to a silk tie quilt someday!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

What great gifts, Melissa! I wouldn't leave my room, either! Have a Happy New Year!!

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