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Thursday, July 29, 2010

County Fair

Do you see what I see? Anna received Grand Champion on her quilt!

And Reserve Champion on her painting!

Nathan and his daddy rode an old John Deere in the parade. His kitty has never been found. His eye is slowly recovering -- praise the Lord! And he has strep throat. The doctor gave him a shot so he would be able to do all the fun fair stuff.

And here is Emilie at the pedal pull. Quite the tiring week for us Stramels.



gill said...

Congratulations to all the Stramels!
Love Gill xx

Mama Lusco said...

Wow! Looks like they are having a fun Fair. We've been looking through our Fair book to decide what to enter. Fun times :)

Jenny said...

congratulations Anna! well done!
sorry the kitty never came sure the kiddos are sad about that...
and nathan's eye is better! yay!
loving emilie's shoes at the pedal pull...that girl is ready for a party!

Laurel H. said...

Wow! Congratulations to Anna!

Needled Mom said...

Congratulations to Anna!

Glad to read that Nathan's eye is improving, but sorry about the kitty.

SheilaC said...

Congrats to Anna!!! There will be no stopping her now! :)


Becky said...

looks like a lot of fun. And I feel for your little guy. I too have strep and a sinus infection. Not fun stuff!

Patty said...

Yay Anna! Not too shabby for a new quilter! Nathan an his dad look like they're having a blast! Glad to hear the eye is healing. Emilie looks like she's enjoying herself, maybe Nathan has some competition for the fair next year hmm?

Iva said...

Way to go, Anna! What a talented little lady.

Sabra said...

Congratulations to Anna! AndI hope your son starts having better days soon, the poor kid.

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