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Sunday, May 16, 2010

To Market to Market

Hi! Long time, no post, huh? Sorry! It's been crazy around here. We've made more trips to Denver and beside that have been sewing like crazy. I thought maybe y'all would like to see what we're wearing for market. Well, I can't show it to you in my fabric, but I can show you the stuff, right? Right.

Oh, and it's time to vote once again for So You Think you Can Quilt. I think it started yesterday, but I've barely touched my computer. So go here, to Brown Paper Packages and vote! Truthfully, at this point, it might be a blessing to lose. Just sayin' . . .

Lisa of That Crazy Quilty Girl, has made herself this awesome skirt from my fabric and a matching top mostly out of eyelet. She's so clever. She also made herself a pair of shoes to wear -- from my fabric! Cool, huh? She changed up that skirt pattern quite a bit I think, but you get the general idea. She also made a purse and a little business card holder, but I can't find pics for those. The purse is awesome though. Someday I'll show you.
Christy made this skirt, which is totally adorable in real life.
And this bag from Indygo Junction. ( the one at the top) She also  made a wallet for me and her. What a super sister!

Okay, Marie made this shirt which is so, so cute on her.
And I made her this bag (pattern from

And (because it's her birthday) this camera bag. Oh and one for me too. (pattern from the Scientific Seamstress)

I guess that leaves me. I made my Lila Tueller blouse.
And Marie made me this bag:
I have a lot of stuff to haul around, you know? Like a quilt . . .

Thanks for sticking around here through all my non-blogging days. Things will be back to normal soon and we are all SO excited to go meet our favorite designers and quilt companies! Take care!



Jenny said...

have fun! enjoy the moment. deep breaths! safe travel! full update when you get back, please!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Have fun! I cannot wait to see your new fabric. Oh and THANK YOU for sharing the patterns to all the cuties!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Super cute stuff. Exciting time.

Lisa Marie said...

I only wish everyone could see the real thing because while the patterns themselves are cute, it just doesn't compare to seeing everything made out of your fabric! I'm getting ridiculously excited now! YAY!

Patty said...

Melissa, as always you and your friend have so really creative ideas. Good luck at Market. I hope that all your dreams come true. Enjoy market I will be thinking of you and praying too. Can't wait to hear the news!

Linda Stubbs said...

Oh how I wish I could go. Life it way to busy around here with farming and all. I will be praying for you Melissa. You will have a blast. It is a whole world .

Sooooo excited for you!

Blessings, Linda
Prairie Flower

Sabra said...

good luck!!! and have fun

Ferguson Family said...

WOW!! You've been busy! I hope everything went well for you! :)

prashant said...

have fun! enjoy the moment.
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