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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Letter to Spring

Dear Spring,
Where are you? It's 28 degrees here today and there's snow on the ground. We have been waiting for you for so long. We want to feel your warm sunshine and gentle breezes. We want you to chase the north wind away.

To remind you of what you should look like, I made this handbag from Anna Maria Horner's tea towels. (thanks Marie!) They are green and yellow and lavender. Full of sunshine. That's what we're waiting for. So please hurry.



Needled Mom said...

Oh man...that is simply not fair that you still have winter temps. Hope it warms up soon.

Linda Stubbs said...

Like!!!!!!! I want sun, spring, garden, warm, warm warm. That is my needs right now! Smile.

a little bit biased said...

Thanks for stopping by my MBS tutorial. Your space here is beautiful. Cute letter and bag! I agree ~ I'm ready for Spring!!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How did I miss Anna Maria Horner having tea towels? I gotta fix that. This bag is lovely.

Sophie said...

I love this! I hope it warms up for you SOON!

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