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Friday, January 22, 2010

Two New Chefs

Ever since I bought this fabric last fall, Anna has been telling me I could only use it to make her an apron. And today I finally did -- for her and Holly! Aren't they sweet? I just love wrap-around aprons.

The fabric is Tina Given's Cloe's Imagination.

'This is what the Sovereign LORD says:

" 'Put on the cooking pot; put it on

and pour water into it.  Ezekiel 24:3


Needled Mom said...

So very cute. She looks thrilled with it too.

Patty said...

Sweet, the aprons and the model :^)

quilt-n-mama said...

I love this apron, is it a pattern you found somewhere or is it one you came up with? I am making matching items for our daughter as well, she is getting an AG doll for her birthday:)

shelia said...

oh gosh! soooo stinkin cute! I loved making things for my girls and their American Girls! Enjoy and thanks for sharing :)

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