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Monday, January 11, 2010

a Dozen Quilters

Last fall I started a quilt group called A Dozen Quilters (there are twelve of us.) It has been such a fun experience. You should really go over there to be inspired to make more quilts! Anyway, here are the blocks I've made so far. Each month I make one for me and one for the person whose turn it is. Here are mine:

Our first month was Becky's month. She wanted a red and aqua 12" square.

Then it was Carmen's month. She wanted a twelve inch block of Shabby Chic strips.

Last month was my sister Christy's month. She wanted a square called Jack-in-the-box in a bright 60's print with a white background.

Now it's Gayly's month. She sent us this "oops" fabric and told us to use a color from it to make a 15" star of our choice. This one is called Missouri Puzzle.

I haven't sent the packages out yet. I'm waiting for a couple more addresses. Make sure you send me yours if you left a comment earlier.

Did I mention it feels SO GOOD to quilt?



Jenny said...

Melissa your blocks look spectacular! Gayly's quilt needs its own galaxy! awesome! her oops fabric looks fantastic as stars!

Lisa Marie said...

I love all of them. ALL of them! The Missouri Puzzle (I think that's right?) block... that fabric looks like Kaffe Fassett...???

yawkar618 said...

They all look so great! I wish I knew how to quilt! one day :)

Jennifer said...

I'm thinking they are alll so lovely!!

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