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Monday, December 21, 2009

What a Doll!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, but Christmas is coming! I have barely turned on my computer in the last few days. My little Anna decided in the last two weeks that she wants an American Girl doll. The requirement has always been that her room has to be kept clean. Well, it's been spotless for two weeks now. I didn't want to buy an expensive doll, so I looked on ebay. I finally won an auction at the last second, and for only $50! I think God was looking out for me. Some of the naked ones were going in the $90s and higher. Anyway, Anna loves dressing up and sparkles, so I took this Olympic doll and transformed her into the doll in the top picture. Do you like her? Emilie hates to be left out, so we bought her a Gotz doll (very similar looking, way less money) and I made the same dress for her and then one for each of the girls. Oh what a happy Christmas morning we will have! Lots of pictures of all the girls in their dresses coming soon.

And here are five more reusable grocery bags. I'm kind of sick of making those. I'm still hoping to make three stockings and bind my quilt. Then I'm taking a big break. Except for a dress I'm making myself for New Years. But then definitely a break. Maybe I'll feature the people in Creations Gallery on here for a little while.

Bless you all! Merry Christmas!



Becky said...

I left a comment earlier on your last post. Thank you! so much. from the bottom of my heart. God is making your treasure in heaven a big one...I asked Him to enlarge it!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

You did so well with that dress. Actually, the Gotz dolls are prettier in my opinion, and that way they won't get them mixed up. How sweet. She is prettier in the dress than the Olympic outfit anyway. I love when I find a good deal.
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