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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Shopping Time

If you're in town, come on over. Also featuring Jockey for Women and Double M Design jewelry. It's sure to be fun.

Here are the dining room draperies I designed for a client. (remember the placemats?) I hung them on Nathan's window because they are about the same width. Hers is a little taller.

This is what Anna picked out to wear to preschool yesterday. I couldn't make this stuff up. I usually pick my battles carefully and didn't even start on this. Maybe she'll be a clothing designer someday, although she says hair cutter. She has cut her own hair four or five times since age 2.

Nathan's been building lately. Anything that can be built, he does it. Legos, Lincoln Logs, wooden blocks, Duplos, Gears, Connex, you name it. My brother's an architect. It's in the genes.

Here is Emilie around her second birthday and here is the Mattel walk and giggle doll. Coincidence? Or did they read my blog? Ha ha!
Love, Melissa


Needled Mom said...

Too cute. I love the fashion-ista!

Linda Stubbs said...

They must of come over to your blog! That doll looks exactly like your little girl did. Amazing.

Wish I could come to your store!!!!!!!!! How fun would that be?

Hope all is going well with you and your family, I can't wait till everyone is home on Thursday!! We are going to have all the grandbabies stay over night and do our snowman party on friday. I hope I can get ready!!!!!

Nice to come by and see all your pretties!

Blessings, Linda

Jennifer said...

Love seeing your pretties..your aprons are fab!!!

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