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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mishmash of Topics

Do you know what this is? Don't you love those pom-poms? That's what sold me.
Yup. It's a chenille bedspread. I have a thing about bedding. I wouldn't call myself a collector, but I really, really love it. I found the chenille coverlet at an antique store this year for only $18! It's not my bed's size, but I turned it sideways and it fits great. I remake my bed twice a year, winter and summer seasons and always have a really fun time doing it. I was in the white mood today; the only color is the primitive little pillow. Guess what? I made that for my Grandma when I was five. It's also strange that there is no quilt involved. Also it's a bit traditional for my taste. But unless my husband has strong objections, this is how it will be until warm weather moves back. Cozy, huh?

Here's my little sweeties helping me the other day. My Grandpa grows grapes and when the Concord ones are ready, he brings them to me for jelly. I'm so blessed to have him just down the road from us. Anyway, we just made juice out of them this year and the kids were so good at picking them off the stems and crushing them in the pot. Even my two year old helped.

Here's an easy recipe you should try that's super yummy! Chocolate covered, chocolate chip muffins with bacon on top. Sounds weird. Tastes good. And I'm even a vegetarian. I know it's easy to make muffins, so by all means, knock yourself out. I normally buy those little pouches of Martha White chocolate chip muffin mix. I made two packs. Then make a ganache (fancy word for shiny frosting) by melting chocolate chips in the microwave for a minute, stir them until smooth and then add a little bit of cream. Dip the top of each muffin in the ganache. Then, while it's still wet, crumble some bacon on top. Voila! And in the words of Rachael Raye, Yum-O!
Love, Melissa


Linda Stubbs said...

I love your bed Melissa!!! I have a white quilt on my that I got from Indiana. They I just change the blankets at the end of the bed. How fun for you! Ya know I am so funny. When I get in bed at night I almost always thank the Lord for my bed. It is soooo nice to be able to sleep comfortable, when others don't. It is just my thing that I am so thankful for.

Your children are adorable and I actually got to meet them and you!!! Every time I go into Cottonwoods I think of you now.

Blessings to you sweet friend! Linda

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love the bedspread. This was just exactly like the one on my Auntie's bed. So pretty.

Becky said...

the idea of bacon on top of chocolate is a bit different. But I love to dip my french fries in choc ice I guess its not all that off the wall.
Love all the topics today.
I change my bedding summer and winter too! Hubs gets hot and we have summer weight one on normally.

quilt-n-mama said...

The blanket is beautiful. It reminds me of my great aunt's bed when I was a child:)
Bacon & Chocolate.... REALLY?!?!?!?!!?