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Thursday, September 17, 2009

the Last Bag

Only two more days until my first show! I'm kind of nervous . . . I really don't want to forget anything essential. Any tips? This show is called The Pumpkin Patch, and if you are in the St. Francis, Kansas area, please stop by and say hello!

I designed this bag yesterday. I made the trim out of two pieces of ribbon and ricrac. Isn't it cute? (PLEASE excuse my extremely messy sewing room! I'll clean when these shows are over.) Anyway, there's a cell phone pocket on the front. As I was making it, I decided it would make a great diaper bag. It can go either way. But if you choose the diaper bag option, the above small bag can hold diapers OR it can be a wallet. This bag is double interfaced -- the outside in quilt batting and the inside in a stiff interfacing. I love how it came together. All this fabric is Tina Givens Treetop Fancy.
Here you can see the inside of the bag. There's a little hook for either holding a pacifier or a key ring. Never lose your keys in your purse again! Also a side pocket and then three bottom pockets with elastic along top to hold bottles or pop (not for baby :) Let me know if you'd be interested in a tutorial for this bag. I'll definitely write one for the little extra bag/wallet if nothing else.

Here are three purses for the show. They're smaller but cute. I also designed them. The outside two have adjustable straps and an inside pocket. The middle one is hard to see but has a cute front flap and I fused rhinestones onto it. Fabric credits, left to right: Glenna Hailey Bees Knees, batik, Heather Bailey PopGarden.

Our sweet new babies. There are actually five of them, but I couldn't get them to hold still. They are very friendly and keep the kids happy chasing them around.

We're part of the monarch migration. I think because I plant so many flowers. But for a week or so each fall, we have thousands and thousands of visitors (just the butterfly type.) I caught one in my hands today so the kids could get a close up look. Don't worry, I just cupped my hands around it and then let it go.

The last bag. It's another giant one, just like the others I have shown previously. I made a little wallet that hooks onto it. I thought it would be handy for a cell phone or keys. Also can go on the inside of the bag or wherever. I LOVE this fabric combo. The salmon color is Erin McMorris Park Slope and the green is Michael Miller. I wasn't sure when I put it together, but it really came out nice, I think. It is amazing how much these bags hold and yet still look like a decent tote when it's all snapped together.
Wish me luck! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures.
Love, Melissa


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

i'm loving all your bags.

Becky said...

Love Love Love your bags! I am sure your show will be great. If I lived closer I so would show up and support you. Even if it meant a bag-maker buying a bag from someone else. Which I keep using as the excuse for not buying my girls every single bag they like. I just tell them "mom could make that" and they move on. Anyway! God bless your show.

Marisa said...

Good luck at your show! I wish that I could visit. You make such beautiful bags!

Iva said...

Great bags, Melissa! Good luck on your show

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