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Saturday, August 1, 2009

for the Kitchen Help

Otherwise known as your children. I can't enter the kitchen these days without everyone wanting to put on an apron. It could be to butter toast. My sister says the same thing. I guess that's what happens when you are making lots of aprons! Speaking of that, it is August, and I'm about to finish up the aprons. Hopefully tomorrow. All that's left is one for a little boy and one adult. I've lost count in case you're wondering how many I've made. It has to be well into the 30s though. I'll count them the next time I go to the store. And maybe take some pictures of our store too.

This one is for a bigger girl.

We've been so busy this week. Of course it's our fair week. Nathan and Emilie participated in the pedal tractor pull.

And Nathan won! We didn't know until it was over and my brother-in-law told us. Now he gets to go to the state fair in September. What an adventure!

We also rode lots of rides.

And by "we" I mean Todd and the kids. I'm notorious for getting sick on anything that goes up and down or around. It could be a car, airplane, bus, boat or definitely a fair ride. I just got pictures of the girls on the little rides but we had big ones too. I think it's really impressive for such a small community to have a great hometown carnival.

Today we went to Bird City to the annual Antique Engine and Thresher Show (link).

These train looking things are actually steam powered tractors. Can you imagine? It must have been so loud and hot back then. It was such an impressive show. On the way home, we stopped in the tiny town of McDonald (which has no McDonalds by the way). They have a fabric store called Mona's. All the fabric was $4.50 a yard! You kind of had to dig through it, but it was totally worth the stop.

And here is Carmen's bag from my drawing last month. She mentioned that she likes brown and pink and I immediately thought of this Tina Givens' fabric, which is brown polka dot with tiny pink birds. I pray that she likes it.

Take care everyone.
Love, Melissa


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I love that bad, very cute. And your aprons.

Sarah said...

Such cute aprons! I love fairs, too. Ours aren't anything like yours, but still good to go to.

I haven't started my Indygo Junction Trench yet, but I'll be doing it in denim lined in cotton. I also want to try one in fleece.

Keep me posted on your progress!

Patty said...

Love the picture with all your aprons too cute. Looks like your enjoying your summer.Seeing the girls on the little rides brings back memories of my childhood!

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