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Monday, July 20, 2009

One Wild Day

My husband had a meeting in Saint Francis today so the kids and I tagged along. It's about and hour and a half northwest of here and we had to leave during nap time. However, we had heard about some cool scenery in the area, and we are crazy about wild goose chases. I'll show pictures of that later.

Now, all of you who are not from Kansas think that tornadoes zip through here every day and wonder how we can live in such a place. In reality, we think how can San Franciscans lives with earthquakes or Floridians with hurricanes, etc. Tornadoes are rare; they are large even more rarely. They also don't usually make it to the ground. In the history of Colby, a tornado has only hit once, and that was on the southwest tip just a few years back. It took out a large sign but nothing else. But today a large tornado hit just north of Goodland while we were on our way home and eating at the Goodland McDonalds. So we got a McDonalds "tour" and got to spend the better part of an hour in the McDonalds freezer with ten employees and the other stupid family who got caught on the road. I don't have a picture of the tornado, just the mushroom cloud before it started and a rainbow from afterwards. And thank you to all the McDonalds employees. You were all very sweet. They even gave my kids cookies and offered apple slices and apple juice while we were freezing in their freezer!

For everyone who thinks Kansas is flat, take a look at the Arikaree Breaks. Todd is in the blue shirt. We enjoy going out of our way in northwest Kansas and seeing the real scenery.

Breathtaking beauty. We just had a wonderful time with this. The tornado did shake me up a bit though.

We recently went south of Colby and saw Little Jerusalem by Scott Lake. This is south of Colby about an hour. Everything out here is by hours. How far away is blah blah blah? Oh, about fifteen minutes. That drove my mother crazy when she moved here from California. Wild, isn't it? I don't think a lot of people who live here know what surrounds us.

Oh and I did finish one additional apron. I know, I'm at least two behind. I'm pretty sure I've finished 20 though!

Love, Melissa


Patty said...

I'm glad you are all safe from that tornado. I never realized that Kansas had such diverse land. I'm afraid to say that I'm one of those who always thought that Kansas was pretty flat! Have a great day!

pattyruth14 said...

Melissa I think I would like to join in. Summer is almost over and I have a few things on the burner. I start a class next week, and go back to work on August 25th(Yikes!) and I agreed to be treasure of my guild this year, but I think I can handle 12 blocks over the course of one year. So count me in and give me the details when you get them worked out.

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