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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lots of Swappin'

Here is the picture of Maggie in her skirt which she won from last month's contest. Don't forget this month's contest, a free bag in the color of your choice! In order to drum up more entries for my contest, if you post about it on your blog and send me an e-mail so I can confirm it, I will give you five extra entries! If you join my site as a follower, I will give you two extra entries. Contest details are on July 1 post.

I have a confession . . . the Maggie who won the contest last month is my niece. Well, I only had eight entries in the contest and most were family. So the Christy and Maggie I made aprons for are my sister and niece. Here they are in them!

My sweet sister Christy made me an apron too! I guess we swapped. Isn't it so cute? She made it from an embroidered pillowcase. Ideas . . .

Speaking of swaps, I am in the most fun swap right now. Go here to find out more. The object was to send a yard of fabric to the person you were paired up with. It could be divided up however. You told what fabric you like and didn't like. The person I was paired with only said she doesn't like toile. I hope she likes this! Anyway, I also sent her some Kansas relics like popcorn off the cob and a granola mix from Kansas flour. She is from Cleveland, OH. There were people registered from all over the world, even Israel and New Zealand.

I'm leaving you with an adorable picture of my girls from this morning.
Love, Melissa

1 comment :

Patty said...

It's nice to have family. Christy's apron looks good on her. I love mother and daughter thingys. I'm jealous I always wanted a girl but instead got a wonderful boy. unfortunately (or maybe not) he's not into the whole dress a like thingy(lol).

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