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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funky Offset Point

The contest (link) closes in 24 hours! Enter now.

My cousin Marie gave me this pattern by Vanilla House (link). This particular apron is called the Delicious Four Corners Apron in the funky offset point. Isn't that funny? It's really cute though, and I thought since I was making one, I might as well make two. It uses jelly rolls if you have them. I had a couple of Moda Scrap Bags (link). Sorry about the bad pictures, but I had to self take them this time. Nathan was already in bed and Todd was busy. SORRY! But thank you Marie.

Do you remember that fun fabric swap I was in? Gill from England had me and here's what she sent me: How fun! The kids loved the Skittles (I guess they're international) and I loved everything else. Anna Marie Horner and Kaffe Fawcett (drool)! And chocolate. Maybe I'm in heaven. Thank you, Gill. You are so sweet.

My Mom and I went to Norton today, to this cute little shop. I haven't taken a picture of what I bought yet. Next door to this is a kitchen store called Destination Kitchen which I had been in contact with about selling aprons. I kind of dropped in unannounced with a pile of aprons thinking I would just show them to them and they could keep me in mind for the future. Instead they bought several! Which means I'll have to make even more aprons. But it's a good problem. I've made 24 so far. I need lots more kids ones.
Love, Melissa

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Tonya's Sewing Room said...

wow, congrats on the apron business, I love those.

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