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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three New Bags

I felt a little rusty yesterday as I got back to the old sewing machine. It's been a few days. I made a couple of new purses. One is a roundish bag. Kind of reminds me of a beach bag. Anyway, the idea was inspired by Tanya Whelan's free pattern in the new Martha Stewart magazine issue. Mind you, I don't subscribe to the magazine. But I do watch Tanya's site. So, I looked at her bag and made mine very similar. Todd said it's his favorite purse ever. So it has some man appeal! It's made of Tina Given's Annabella fabric.

The second one is just a little thing. I actually made it awhile back but never took pictures. And since it's going to be sent to two sisters, I thought I'd show them together. This one is from Amy Butler's lotus blossoms line. I think it's called Tree Peony, but I've used all the fabric and can't quite remember.

At five yesterday evening, I realized that the birthday party Anna was going to required a gift! I hate to run to WalMart, so I whipped up this little bag / folder. Isn't it cute? I used some of the leftover paper doll fabric and appliqued a big paper doll onto it. Then I put a pocket on the inside to hold the doll clothes she wears. I then turned it into my standard crayon bag with individual crayon pockets. It has a folder-type pocket that holds the back cover of the coloring book. The inside has some Tina Givens fabric and some Robyn Pandolph.

The whole thing snaps together and has handles so it can be carried like a bag.

It was finished just in time to get Anna there by seven and I heard the birthday girl loves it! I'm thinking about some of Linda Stubb's fabric for another one! How cute!

That's it for now; I need to do some serious catching up on a couple of quilts.

Love, Melissa


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Aw so so sweet!!

Pina! :) said...

I too have the Annabella fabric it's sitting somewhere in my sewing room, my intention is to make a summery skirt with it, it looks great in a bag as well.

Linda Stubbs said...

Cute purses!!! I love to sew. Wish I had more time. I got to finish my apron and have two more to go. Was good to get to sew again. I used to do it every day.

That Annabella fabric toooo cute. Do you know where I could get some for my granddaughters? They would love it. Saw it on your quilt also.

We started cutting yesterday!!!Yeyyyyyy!

Still think on the day we met. It was a very special day for me!

Linda Stubbs said...

Thank you for the compliment on my apron. I think it will be so fun to wear.

I was talking about the little Paper dolls. I like the other also, but I thought the paper dolls would be so cute for Savannah and Krissa.

Thanks for the info.

Momoo said...

Neat way to show off your flowers and the bags. The gift you whipped together was by far better than anything you could have bought at Walmart.
Love your random method of picking a winner in the previous post.

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