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Monday, June 15, 2009

a Birth Day, a Birthday and a GIVEAWAY!

For you have been my hope, O Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. From birth I have relied on you; you brought me forth from my mother's womb. I will ever praise you. Psalm 71:5-6

Here is my new little NEPHEW, Brody Storm, born at 1:05 pm today. He weighs 8 pounds 8 ounces and is 21 adorable inches long. Mom and baby are both doing great. I heard Dad is not the happiest with the hospital chair/bed. Todd says those do need to be improved. Congrats to the proud parents!

It's also Anna's birthday. The big 4. She woke up this morning and was so upset because "she still looks 3." I wish I had that problem on my birthdays. She loves her quilt and has SO many new princess presents, I don't think she knows quite what to play with.

The kids made princess crowns and a visor for Nathan this afternoon with sparkly stickers. Nathan said he has never had so much fun at home. Thanks, I think.

Here is Anna in her birthday outfit. I've never done iron-on crystals before, but they were actually easy. Isn't the skirt fun? The purple fabric is Girlfriends from Jennifer Paganelli and the cream and pink one is Tina Givens' Treetop Fancy Huckleberry. I have quite a collection from her, as you loyal followers have seen.

That brings me to my first ever giveaway! Send me a comment on this page or send me an e-mail telling me your favorite sewing project ever. If you don't sew, tell me your favorite hobby. If you don't have hobbies, just tell me hi! I want to hear from you! The contest is open until midnight CST, Sunday, June 21, 2009. The winner will be randomly drawn.

And now for the prize: one skirt just like Anna's in the colors of your choice. I can make any size. If you don't have a daughter, sign up for your granddaughter, niece, neighbor, friend, etc. I could even make an adult one. I'm not sure it's my fashion taste, but if it suits you, that's fine with me. Oh, and I don't need sizes until I announce the winner.

I'm so excited about this! And I can't wait to hear from you.

Love, Melissa


Gail said...

HI! I found your blog through a friend when she sent me the link for your quilt post. The quilt you made is very beautiful!! I love the little skirt you made also, it is so cute. Did you make the pattern on your own? Congratulations to your family on the birth of your cute, cuddly nephew. Hmmm? My favorite sewing project is ...that is very hard to choose. I guess I love my quilts best. I have made six and I am almost finished with the top of the seventh. Blessings to you from Kansas! Gail

Linda Stubbs said...

Your little nephew is so precious. I bet you can't wait to hold that little one in your arms.

Still working on the quilt idea. I have it in my mind now. Gail looked at the book the other day at the Quilting Bee.

Can you please bring it, if we can get together?

sheree said...

Happy Birthday to your girl...she's gorgeous and looks so happy in her beautiful the ricrac on the skirt and the tee is darling!

And what a sweet much fun to sew for babies!


Patty said...

Cute skirt,your princees is qute pretty.

Linda Stubbs said...

Hi, I just got to come back and read your posts. It was a busy day on the day I last wrote and didn't see the giveaway. I want to be in. Can I put you on my blog to tell my friends about your giveaway? Just let me know. I think the skirt is adorable and I have a grand-daughter that would love it!!!!! Hope I win!

Your children are adorable!!!!!!!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

oh my, how cute that skirt is. I have a boy, but plenty of girls in the family. My favorite project is my turtle quilt. I'm about to quilt it. The top is done and you can see that on my blog.

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