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Sunday, June 28, 2009

5K and Wray

My friend Kylee and I about a mile into the race.

This pretty much sums up the whole experience.

Well, I survived the race. My predicted time was 34 minutes and I ran it in 33:08. That was good enough for 3rd place (by being closest to predicted time), so I won $20! I'm really sore today.

My sweet Mom came over yesterday and went with me to Wray, Colorado to a quilt show. That's about two hours from my house, so it was three hours for her. Wasn't that nice? I have a sad story though. I forgot my camera, so I took pictures with my cell phone. I haven't done that before. Now I've spent the last hour trying to get them off to no avail. Any suggestions?

The show was so nice. They hang quilts out in front of all the downtown stores. The viewers each vote on their favorites in lots of categories. Wray's downtown is really thriving. Lots of restaurants, shops, two quilt shops, etc. Not too many offices. This is a big contrast to Colby. Still, I think something like this would be nice for downtown Colby. Wray had the neatest quilt shop called Gramma's. It was full of gifts and fabric. Think of your favorite gift shop. There were tablecloths and bags and baby items and vintagey toys and flowers. You get the picture. Then, next to the baby things were fabrics with baby themes. The whole downtown had sales too. Thanks, Mom. I had fun. Oh, Anna went with us too. She wanted these beads that were wound on a card and sort of pricey. Finally, her Grandma told her if she stopped whining and crying she would get some for her. After a few minutes of silence, she did just that. Then came the biggest fit. Anna thought the wound up card was actually one purse. She wanted the whole thing. $100 of beads doesn't mean anything to a four year old. And there probably were that many beads on the card. Don't worry. We didn't buy the whole thing.

Happy harvest! Ours hasn't quite started, but my Dad's has. Nathan spent a couple of days helping him. It's Nathan's favorite time of year.

Love, Melissa

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Linda Stubbs said...

So nice to hear from you. How fun to get to go with your momma. Mine is in a nursing home, it is my turn to love on her!

We took in the last load of wheat. The youngest of the sons (30) got to drive for the first time. The wheat truck that is. Tress, Tay and their middle brother Josh and Jarad alllll went in the wheat truck. They laughed all the way. What a blessing for a mom.

We will be praying for you all on your harvest. It is Taylors favorite time of year also. It is sooooo exciting to get to see all your neighbors in line at the co-op.

I didn't know that you all farmed. It is a wonderful way to raise kids and grand kids.

I am putting up a little post tonight. I finally finished all the letters for my header on the tent for market. I haven't put them together yet. Just a little sneak preview for my readers. It was so fun to match all the colors and fabrics.
Blessings friend!

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